Doctor Testimonials

My hygienists have seen patients completely recover from Oral Thrush just by using the Cleanadent Crystals on their sleep appliances. Now we give them to everyone with night guards and dentures too!

Kent Smith

DDS, Diplomate American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

Our office loves Cleanadent Crystal, we recommend this product to all of our patients!

James Sunners


We use it for sleep appliances and they come out crystal clean! Well done, Dr. B!

Daniela Sever

DMD, Diplomate American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

Thanks a bunch, your product is superior. I started giving some to all of our denture patients after I used it on my own night guard. This stuff works great. Cheers to you and to your great product.

Riad Almasri


With few innovations in denture care, I’m glad to see that Dr. B is tackling the big, untreated issues like dry mouth and candida for denture-wearers. There are numerous health problems that stem from poor or inadequate denture hygiene. I try to impress on my patients the benefits of a good oral hygiene routine that includes Cleanadent Crystals and a Sonic Cleaner. Everyone loves having their dentures in sparkling condition.

Ian Schuman


Creating dentures that fit, function, and bring a smile is more than just dentistry - it is an art! Our patients are doing the best they can for their health and their appearance so they want to take care of their dentures with the best products too. Only Cleanadent Crystals can remove the tough stains on a daily basis and keep dentures pathogen-free and fresh, without chlorine or bleach. I give Cleanadent with every case and my patients love it!

David Block

Dental Lab Owner

Wow, the little packets to clean appliances are awesome! It takes the smell out of an appliance and makes it look clean like new in just minutes, not kidding.

Ron Konig


I had a patient just last week whose thrush cleared up almost entiredly just from using your Cleanadent crystals! She is sold! Good job, Lorin!

Rick Coker


Patient Testimonials

Lauren A.


I really like the packaging with the information inside the box! Very helpful for someone new to dentures. Great product can't wait to see you in stores!

  • Massachusetts

Roger M.

Cleanadent Paste

My dentist gave me your Cleanadent Paste with my All-on-4s and I really like that I can brush my new teeth like normal. Love the vitamins and stuff too.

  • Arizona

Barbara F.


I've had dentures for years and when I read through your website, I decided to get the Denture Solutions Kit to try the whole Dr. B system. I have to say that my mouth feels better than it has in years. Sore spots are gone, no more white spots on…

  • Illinois

Alexa P.

Cleanadent Crystals

My oral thrush went away!

  • Tennessee

Lyle W.

Cleanadent Crystals

Thanks for the free sonic cleaner. That and the Crystals made my nightguard way cleaner that before. Noticeable difference.

  • Iowa

Cathy S.

Cleanadent Paste

The Cleanadent paste tasted and felt like real toothpaste. It left my mouth feeling so clean and fresh!

  • Maryland

Dan F.

Cleanadent Paste

The Cleanadent paste tasted and felt like real toothpaste. It left my mouth feeling so clean and fresh!

  • Nevada

Robert P.

Cleanadent Paste

When I got my all-on-4's I thought that I would be able to brush them like normal, but it ruined the color of my dentures. With Cleanadent Paste I can brush my teeth like before, with a soft toothbrush.

  • Minnesota

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