Vicki L.

I recently ordered Adhesadnet and Cleanadent Paste for my dry mouth. I have an autoimmune disease and take many medications that cause dry mouth. After having chemotherapy and radiation due to breast cancer my dry mouth became so bad that I had to have 22 teeth removed. I had always taken such great care of my teeth and getting dentures was heartbreaking. After dentures my dry mouth was so bad I could barely speak. I was so impressed with Dr. B Dental Solutions that I took them to Dr. Yasser Khaled at Marquette University Dental School who had been treating me with Pilocarpine. Dr. Khaled is a pathologist/pain management professor at the University he was especially impressed with the ADA Seal of Acceptance on the Cleanadent Paste and the Adhesadent. I hope by spreading the word that more people will be helped by your products. Thank you.