Teresa K.

I have used the cleaning paste and love it, I like not having to have 2 different pastes, 1 for gums 1 for dentures, and it make my gums feel great and fresh. Up to this point I have never used a paste. I have used Dawn dish soap or Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap ever since I got my teeth almost 1 and a half years ago. I have tried the cleaning crystals also and really like them. I have DenSureFit fit in my tops and really don’t like adhesive as like Fixodent etc is stringy when you remove your teeth so gross. I have used your adhesive on my bottoms and it holds well and doesn’t have that gross stringyness. I hope to purchase one of your cleaning cases in the future and will purchase the paste also in the future. Thank You and Thank You from the Denture Community.