Joan G.

I’m now about 7 months from my extraction date and I feel so lucky that I found out about Dr. Berland’s products shortly after getting my immediate dentures. When I first had to take care of my dentures I tried all the denture products that we all know from the local grocery store. I was really disappointed. The cleaning tablets only kill odor-causing bacteria and I never felt like my dentures were truly clean. The well-known adhesives and powders didn’t work well for me either and would only hold my dentures in for a few hours and also leaving a sticky, nasty mess in my mouth. Then I ordered Dr. B’s products and now I refuse to use anything else! I love the Cleanadent Paste, it’s gentle on my gums and my dentures but you know you’re getting a real clean! Dr. B’s Adhesadent securely holds my dentures all day and cleans up easy by brushing with the Cleanadent Paste after removing my dentures! Of course every night I soak my dentures in the Sonic Cleaner with Dr. B’s Cleanadent Liquid Crystals! Knowing that the Cleanadent Crystals kill 99.99% of Candida, Strep, Staph & Actinomyces gives me complete peace of mind! With Dr. B’s I know my dentures and my mouth are as clean as they can possibly be!! Like I said, I refuse to use anything else… when I open a new tube or bottle I immediately order the next so that I always have my favorite cleaning products on hand! I have no idea why anyone would ever use anything else! I Love You Dr. Berland!!! Thank You and Keep Up the Good Work!!