Coon E.

I am almost 2 years in my denture journey and I have been using your products consistently! I am very prone to infections and I know that it is extremely important to have good oral health because your oral health affects all of your body, using your products is 2nd nature I love them all. My favorite is the Liquid Crystals that I use with my Sonic Cleaner but I also love the Adhesadent, Cleanadent Paste, and Cleanadent Wipes. As a single woman back on the dating scene I use Cleanadent Wipes for on the go, they’re always in my purse or my overnight bag. The Adhesadent has been amazing as I’ve had to be in my temporaries longer because of a fractured jaw, I knew there would be incredible shrinkage and Adhesadent has kept my dentures fitting perfect. You truly are a blessing to the entire denture community, again thank you for all the amazing products especially during Covid19 pandemic. It is amazing to have the Liquid Crystals that kills actual viruses and bacteria, I feel confident knowing I am sanitizing and disinfecting my dentures daily. Knowing I can take care of my dentures correctly and at a bargain price it is truly a blessing and benefit that we all need.