Felicia W.

The Cleanadent Paste was amazing! For cleaning the mouth and gums, I had been using Tom’s or Hello Toothpaste but your Cleanadent was so much better. It had a minty taste but not overpowering like Crest. Also, my mouth felt refreshed and clean. Smooth is the only word I can think of. Next I cleaned the intermediate upper Denture. Previously I was using either Dial or Dawn liquid soap to clean them and really had to rinse them off. When I used your toothpaste I notice it has a slight bubbling and was easy to rinse off. Next the Adhesadent. I followed the instructions did the strips made sure my mouth was wet and inserted the upper denture and held it for about 20 seconds per the instructions. I have extremely dry mouth and I didn’t realize how much the previous adhesives, Fixodent Poligrip both in paste and powder, were drying out my mouth and the horrible taste. In the three hours I’ve had it in my mouth I keep tasting a refreshed slight mint no more dry feeling. It’s also holding the denture and feels like there isn’t as much of a barrier between the palate and the denture. The only thing I can say is I wish I had this months ago. Thank You again for letting me try this I’m sold on your products.