Sonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic Wave Vibrating Bath
  • Generates High-Frequency Ultrasonic Waves
  • Loosens Debris, Plaque, Calcium & Deposits
  • Helps Cleansing Solution Penetrate Appliance Material
  • Affordable, Yet Just As Effective As Expensive Ultrasonics
  • Great For Appliance Storage
  • Single: $21.95, 2-Pack: $31.95 ($15.97/each)
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Product Description

Dr. Berland’s Sonic Cleaner uses high-frequency sonic waves to loosen debris on oral appliances at a microscopic level. The Sonic Cleaner must be used with a soak cleanser, like Cleanadent Crystals, in order to fully disinfect, remove stains and completely eliminate odor. Cleanadent Liquid Crystals is the only soak cleanser that kills pathogens like Candida, Strep, Staph and Actinomyces which are prevalent on oral appliances and cause diseases like Oral Thrush and Denture Stomatitis. The Liquid Crystals is a concentrated liquid soak cleanser that comes in a unique & easy to use Pump Bottle that squirts just the right amount for use with the Sonic Cleaner.


Though the Sonic Cleaner by itself does not disinfect appliances, when used with Cleanadent Crystals it can kill pathogens, remove stains and eliminate odor in ways that brushing cannot. This is because regular toothbrushes and toothpaste are too abrasive and will actually damage oral appliances. However, we have Cleanadent Paste which when used with an extra-soft toothbrush is gentle enough to be safe for dentures and is excellent at removing adhesive from the denture and gums. Visit our Cleaning Tips page for more detailed instructions.


Dr. Berland’s Sonic Cleaner is ideal for Dentures, Partial Dentures, Mouth/Night Guards, Retainers, Aligners and Dental Sleep Apnea Devices.


Instructions for Dr. Berland’s Sonic Cleaner:
First Use:
1. Open lid and remove batteries
2. Insert batteries into the slot at the bottom of the sonic cleaner
Subsequent Use:
3. Remove bluish-green bath from sonic cleaner, rinse, fill with water (though not completely full), and replace into the sonic cleaner
4. Squirt 3-4 Pumps of the Cleanadent Liquid Crystals into the bath to remove stains and kill pathogens
5. Insert your removable oral appliance into the bath
6. Close the lid
7. Move the switch at the back of the sonic cleaner to “On”
a. Leave sonic cleaner on for 20 minutes to fully remove stains, debris, odor and pathogens like Candida, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus – then switch “Off”
8. Remove bath, empty the remaining solution, remove appliance and rinse both appliance and bath
9. Replace bath in sonic cleaner and leave the lid open to dry

For Overnight Storage we recommend placing the oral appliance in the Sonic Cleaner with plain water and the position on “OFF”.

Never use a regular toothbrush and regular toothpaste on your appliance as it is too abrasive and will cause scratches that reduce shine and color and create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

Additional Information

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