Dr. B Denture & Mouth Toothbrush

The Revolutionary New Denture & Mouth Toothbrush Is Here!
  • Ergonomic Grip Handle For Maximum Comfort & Stability
  • Innovative Dual Heads for Precision & Ridges
  • Superior Cleaning of Grooves, Ridges & Hard to Reach Spaces
  • Unique Multi-Layered Bristles Tailored For Shape of Prosthetics
  • Extra Soft Bristles for Safely Cleaning Prosthetics, Implants & Mouth
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Product Description


This is the moment that so many of our customers have been waiting for! We’re unveiling the most dramatically innovative toothbrush that has ever been designed for dental prosthetics. Not only have traditional Denture Brushes not changed in literally a century, but their stiff and sharp bristles can actually DAMAGE dental prosthetics! Not only is Dr. B Denture & Mouth Toothbrush especially suited for all aspects of prosthetics, but it actively works to simultaneously clean the WHOLE mouth, which can significantly improve your health and hygiene.

There are so many features that make this toothbrush perfect cleaning Partial Dentures, Complete Dentures, Overdentures & Implant-Bridges! You’re going to love brushing with THIS!


  • ERGONOMIC GRIP – naturally fits the hand’s contours for comfort, easy and control while brushing. The unique shape of this brush provides extra stability and security, which is a very welcome differentiator for those who experience limited dexterity or arthritis.
  • REVOLUTIONARY DUAL-HEAD DESIGN – Each side of this toothbrush serves a specialized function for providing a superior, more comprehensive cleaning experience.

  • UNIQUE MULTI-LAYERED BRISTLE Designed for Cleaning Ridges, Tongue, Palate, & Cheeks
  • UNIQUE FUN COLORS: Available in White, Blue, & Green
  • EXTRA SOFT BRISTLES Safe for Cleaning Prosthetics, Gums and Implants!
  • DEVELOPED BY DR. LORIN BERLAND After 40+ Years of Treating & Listening To Patients!












For Cleaning Complete & Partial Dentures

      1. Remove Denture
      2. Rinse Mouth with Warm Water
      3. Moisten Brush & Apply Cleanadent Paste to Ridge Bristle Head
      4. Use the Ridge Bristle Head to brush and lather the contours of denture. Be sure to clean both sides of the denture.
      5. With Cleanadent Paste lather still on the denture, use the Precision head to clean particularly dirty areas or hard to reach places.
      6. Rinse Denture Thoroughly

Pro Tip: Before brushing denture, plug the sink drain and fill the sink with water so that if you drop the denture when brushing it will not break.


For Cleaning Mouth

      1. Rinse Brush and reapply Cleanadent Paste. You may add the paste to either the Ridge side or both sides as you prefer.
      2. Use the Ridge Head side to gently brush along the ridge of the gums, the tongue and the palate.
      3. While brushing, the Precision tip may simultaneously brush the inside of your cheeks for comprehensive cleaning.
      4. Use the Precision Brush head to clean any hard to reach spots, or places with food debris.
      5. Rinse the brush and the mouth with water as normal.


For Cleaning Fixed Implant Bridges

      1. Rinse mouth with warm water
      2. Moisten the Brush and apply Cleanadent Paste.
      3. Gently brush Implant Bridges, Gums, Palate & Tongue
      4. Rinse mouth and brush again
      5. For on the go hygiene, Cleanadent Wipes are helpful around the gums.



NEVER USE Regular Toothpaste on Dentures, Implants or Oral Appliances. It is TOO ABRASIVE – Damages Shine & Color, Enables Bacterial Growth.

Cleans: Dentures, Implants, Overdentures, Fixed Hybrid Bridges, Gums, Palate, Cheeks, Tongue, Teeth.

*Dentists recommend replacing toothbrushes every 3 months or sooner.

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Weight0.1375 lbs
Dimensions10 × 4 × 1 in

Assorted, Blue, Green, White

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