Cleanadent Crystals

Box of Cleanadent Crystals Soak Cleaner to Disinfect Dentures, Retainers, Guards and Sleep Apnea Devices.

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Product Description

Cleanadent Crystals is the only soak cleanser that instantly kills pathogens like Candida, Strep, Staph and Actinomyces on all removable oral appliances out the use of bleach or chlorine. These pathogens are the leading causes of Oral Thrush, Stomatitis and Pneumonia, and anyone with an oral appliance is at a high risk of infection. Cleanadent Crystals completely eliminate odor, remove heavy stains and disinfect appliances. Ideal for Dentures, Partials, Retainers, Aligners, Sleep Apnea Device, Mouth and Night Guards.

Major brand cleansers like Efferdent and Polident only claim to kill “Odor-Causing” bacteria but do nothing against disease-causing pathogens like Candida, Strep and Staph. There really is no comparison. Cleanadent™ Cleansing Crystals are superior in every way.

We are currently offering a FREE SONIC CLEANER with every purchase of Cleanadent Crystals. Our Sonic Cleaner is the perfect compliment to the Crystals as it uses high-frequency sonic waves to help loosen debris, and help the cleanser penetrate on a microscopic level. Visit our Cleaning Tips page to learn the best ways how to keep your dentures, nightguards, sportsguards, retainers, and snoring devices clean and disinfected.

  • Cleanadent™ will destroy pathogens usually found on prosthetics such as Candida albicans, Actimoyces viscosus, Streptococus mutans and Streptococus pyogenes
  • Pre-Measured Mint Flavored Foil Packet
  • Safe, Convenient, Moisture Proof
  • Removes Tough Coffee, Tea, Iron And Nicotine Stains
  • Economy 60 Packet Box
  • Used As Directed, Safe For All Dentures Including Soft Relines, Partial Dentures And Orthodontic Appliances, Orthodontic
    Night Guards and Retainers*
For best results, remove loosened particles with a soft brush and Cleanadent™ Paste. Stir 1 packet of powder into 1 cup of warm water. If using a Sonic Cleaner, fill the denture receptacle with water, mix in the Cleanadent Crystals, close the lid and move the switch on the back to “On”. Soak dental appliance for up to 20 minutes daily to clean. Remove loosened particles with a soft brush. Rinse thoroughly under running water. Extremely soiled dentures may require an overnight soak. Visit our Cleaning Tips page for more detailed instructions for specific oral appliances.
Potassium Perodxymonopersulfate, Sodium Benzoic Acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Bisulfate, Magnesium Carbonate, Potassium Sulphate, Peppermint Extract, Potassium Peroxydisulphate, Sucrose

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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 5 in


  1. Gary B.

    I love that mint flavor! Hats off to Dr. B!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Sara B., Texas

    Cleanadent Crystals are excellent- Much cleaner mouth guard with your product!

  3. Rick Coker, DDS

    I had a patient just last week whose thrush cleared up almost entirely just from using your Cleanadent crystals! Good job, Lorin!

  4. Ron Konig, DDS

    Wow, these little packets to clean appliances are powerful! It totally eliminates the smell of the appliance and makes it look clean like new in just minutes, not kidding.

  5. Riad Almasri, DDS

    I started giving some to all of our denture patients after I used it on my own night guard. This stuff works great.
    Cheers to you and to your great product.

  6. Susan R.

    I had a soft reline and now my denture fits much better. But I could never get it clean enough with any of the other soak cleansers. Now, after soaking in your Cleanadent Crystals my denture is cleaner than ever and in less time than the others!

  7. Jay A Nelson, DMD, D-ABDSM

    Great product! I am recommending this to all of my sleep appliance patients.

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