Dry Mouth and Dentures

Dentures can make it easier to chew food and eat a wider variety of nutritious foods. They can also improve your appearance if you have suffered tooth loss. However, millions of people who wear dentures also suffer from dry mouth, which can be uncomfortable and negatively affect your health.




Saliva is extremely important and is essential to everybody’s health, but especially to denture wearers.


Saliva helps create suction between the denture and the gum tissue. This helps stabilize and retain the denture.


Saliva acts as a lubricant. This helps to prevent irritation and abrasion that can cause sore spots under the denture.


Finally, saliva is important in the prevention of many oral diseases such as Candida, also known as oral thrush, oral stomatitis and angular cheilosis, which are sores at the corner of the mouth.


Dry Mouth, also known as Xerostomia, may lead to loose dentures, irritations, sores and possible infection for denture wearers.


There are many causes of Dry Mouth:


  • Medication
    Dry Mouth is a side effect of many common medications such as blood pressure medicine, decongestants and anti-depressants.
  • Illnesses
    Systemic conditions such as Sjogrens’s Syndrome, diabetes, digestive problems, salivary gland tumors and liver dysfunction all reduce saliva production, resulting in Dry Mouth.
  • Habits
    Breathing through your mouth, not drinking enough water (dehydration), and tobacco related products all contribute to Dry Mouth.
  • Radiation Treatment
    Radiation therapy, used to treat certain cancers, often results in reduced salivary gland function.
  • Aging
    As we age, our salivary glands tend to produce less saliva, resulting in Dry Mouth.


Anyone with Dentures should seriously consider including vitamins and other natural oils to their current routine. Please consider our solutions to this common problem here.


Dr. Berland’s Professional Strength Denture Adhesive, Adhesadent, is a moisturizing adhesive cream featuring an innovative Copolymer to provide a powerful and long-lasting hold.


Adhesadent helps relieve dry mouth with Aloe Vera and vitamins A, D, & E. There are no artificial colors and flavors.


Dr. Berland’s Professional Strength Cleanadent Paste and portable Wipes Clean and Moisturize!


They are ideal for removing denture adhesive and food from dentures and gums! And Cleanadent Paste and Wipes also remove tobacco and caffeine stains.


Cleanadent Paste and Wipes revitalize a dry mouth with vitamins A, D, E, Aloe Vera, Coconut oil and Tea Tree oil. There are no artificial colors and flavors.





It is very important for your overall health to clean your dentures daily. Cleanadent Crystals are especially formulated to kill Candida! Combined with the Sonic Cleaner, achieve a professional strength cleaning from home!


Clean your mouth and massage your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth each day before putting in your dentures and again when taking them out.


Cleanadent paste and a soft toothbrush or Cleanadent Wipes are specifically designed to clean and moisturize your mouth. This will help keep your mouth healthy.

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