Professional's Testimony

Dr. Mounir Iskandar


I currently have a dental implant practice in Las Colinas, Texas, where we do a lot of full mouth restorations every month which is known by All-on-Four or Xircon 4-6. The new material we use for these full arch restorations (XircOn Ultra) is made from Hybrid Nano Ceramics which needs a non-abrasive cleaning paste to preserve its artistic finish but will still remove any stains. I had been looking for quite some time for a solution that was a perfect fit for my patients to clean and preserve their new smile. This proved to be a lot harder than you would think. Mainly because every denture cleanser or regular toothpaste on the market is way too abrasive for the detailed finish on these smiles and most of them need to be used extra-orally which cannot be used with these fixed restorations. As a prosthodontist, I am detail oriented by nature and wanted to do my research on all what I had been reading about this product. So I did my own tests and started by soaking one full arch bridges (row of teeth) in coffee for three days and three nights. After the 72 hours had passed, I took the teeth out and used an electric toothbrush with Dr. B’s cleaning paste for 2 minutes. When I rinsed them off with water after the cleaning, I inspected the teeth thoroughly to find that they were literally “good as new”! I didn’t want to stop there, so I did the test one more time using red wine and got the Yoexact same results. Now it was time to see what some of my patients thought, and the feedback was overwhelming! I have patients that call us to ship them this product because they love it so much. I’m really grateful to Dr. Berland for coming up with such an amazing product line to meet the daily maintenance needs for all of my patients. Well done sir!

Product: Cleanadent Paste